Minecraft – Flares


So, I worked on a project to let people know where you are easily. All you have to do is put a torch in your offhand (Default : F) and you will start glowing!


Download Flares by Cub3dHead

Then, put it in your structures folder in your save file. Now, in game, paste the following command into a command block and give power to it. Then, simply power the structure block then destroy it

/setblock ~ ~ ~ minecraft:structure_block 0 0 {metadata:””,mirror:”NONE”,ignoreEntities:1b,powered:0b,seed:0L,author:”Cub3dHead”,rotation:”NONE”,posX:0,mode:”LOAD”,posY:0,sizeX:7,posZ:0,integrity:1.0f,showair:0b,name:”flares”,id:”Structure”,sizeY:3,sizeZ:3,showboundingbox:1b}